Kamis, 21 April 2016

[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Tink - No Competition lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


I know y’all I ain’t think I was gone drop a tape
And not put a fucking freestyle on that bitch

I know a couple of niggas
They put a price on your head
They can’t locate your mama
They kill the sister instead
Leave you leaking like faucets
Touch the line but don’t cross it
If a bitch work my nerves
I’ll beat her ass in that office
I’m that bitch in your city
Don’t act like you ain’t know
I dropped a tape in the winter
So fucking cold that it snow
I mean I’m younger than most
But I got plug with the vets
And my loud be so strong
Let me lift that weight of your chest
Like you depressed
Or half dressed
Tell these hoes get it together
Your boyfriend gave me brain
And I must say he’s mighty lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Tink - No Competition lyrics download mp3 clever
That GPA is A-Okay
No perfume but he gone spray
Tell your bitch to play your role
‘Cause I got clips just like Zae
Just like me they want to be
Got more shores than beside that sea
Beside that sea I’m grade A
Trucking bitches Chevrolet
I do this shit for fun
Thought you niggas knew
They know my fucking name
Tell me who are you?
Pretty bitch I am one
Competition I been done
Y’all was kicking them baby flows
I was in the lab standing on my toes
Dropping bars like every week
I need a mil like after Meek
Spent a hundred grand on my bed sheets
I ain’t felt it once ’cause I’m never sleep
All in all I’m energized
Replacing hoes like school supplies
Do this shit for my squad and ‘nem
And I won’t stop like I ain’t see the sign
No time cord kord chord Tink - No Competition lyrics kunci gitar to be wasted
Them choppas out they need braces
I’m a big deal to you little hoes
Like a loud blunt just face it
Street saying I am the best
All these hoes is on house arrest
Y’all ain’t moving
Please don’t confuse me
My niggas bang with no drum kits
We turning head and I won’t brag
But niggas hating like fucking fags
All rappers got to give it a break
Y’all washed up and I done brought the rag
Hating on me just make me proud
Superstar in your fucking town
Whole city putting fingers up
Now the whole city can’t turn me down
Making noise and you got to listen
Swear to God I’m with the gang missing
Injured player
I’m an engineer
And these bitches broke they need fixing
Need a deal
You a damn liar
Advertise me
Who’s flyer?
Me nigga that’s too easy
Sporting J’s like where’s Stevie?
My name is Tink and you can add the G
I’m going in like I found the key
I found my place and I’m in my zone
You niggas scared like y’all home alone
I ride alone and I ride for mine
Make him do the
Grab the 9
Off safety you know it’s real
Strong safety who up in the field
Niggas talk but ain’t bout it
Toss money like a fucking salad
Balling out and I’m so official
They can’t block me
Call private
Call back and let chords Tink - No Competition lyrics lyrics money answer
So sick mistake me for cancer
Why they think should have been a dancer
I am the shit so pass me a pamper
Pamper me which is a couple stacks
No opinion just stating facts
I got the title ain’t giving it back
Y’all looking for the truth
I’m where it’s at

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